How do I reopen my MetroPCS account?

Call the Metro PCS customer service number. You can find it here: Give the customer service agent your name, security information, and any other information needed to set up the new account. Give the customer service agent the numbers noted in steps 3 and/or 4.

Does MetroPCS let you keep your phone number?

You can bring your number from your current carrier or you can choose to get a new Metro by T-Mobile number. If you are bringing your existing number, make sure you have your account number and your PIN number ready.

How much does it cost to reactivate a phone at MetroPCS?

You can go to the store as well and get it active there. Be ready to pay reactivation fee $15, and the plan you want $30–60.

Can you reactivate a SIM card MetroPCS?

How to reactivate a Metro PCS SIM card – Quora. Frankie, Thank You for the A2A, it’s all about money my friend. Go to your local MetroPCS retailer or authorized agent and bring your card, credit card that is and be prepared to pay prepay for at least a month of service hundred minutes or so. Then you’re ready to go.

Can I transfer my MetroPCS number to another phone?

If you’re referring to changing your Phone Number to another device you own , you can simply call Customer service and ask to move the service over to it ( assuming that the phone is either a metro phone or an unlocked phone and that the sim fits) and they will do it without charge.

How can I change my phone number on MetroPCS?

Call customer service at 888-8Metro8. The automated voice response system will greet you. Follow the prompts. When asked what you would like to do, state “change my number.”

Can I use old MetroPCS SIM card?

Will a used SIM work? Yes but they have an expiration date. For first time activations BYOPs do require a new sim card.

How do I get my SIM card number?

Finding the SIM number in Settings
  1. Open your Apps list and tap on Settings. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and press About.
  2. Tap Status. On some phones like HTCs, this may be called ‘Phone Identity’.
  3. Tap IMEI Information.
  4. Your SIM number will show as either the ‘IMSI’ number, or the ‘ICCID number’.

Can I change my phone number for free?

Changing your number is free if done online, but you can call and have it changed by a customer service rep for $15. Call 1-800-922-0204 to speak to a representative.

Is it free to change your phone number?

There is no charge of fee for changing your number. However, there are several restrictions you should look for when changing your phone number.

Can I request a specific phone number?

You can get a specific phone number by requesting it from your service provider. You can also sign up for an online phone service plan that offers vanity numbers. There are also apps that let users select their own phone numbers. Learn more about vanity numbers and how to get a specific number here.

What happens when you change your phone number?

That’s because phone carriers recycle old numbers. Typically, any “new” number your carrier gives you isn’t new at all. … If you change your number, chances are you’ll inherit the previous owner’s phone problems. Additionally, any number a phone carrier gives you will still be vulnerable to spam calls.

Can I pick my own phone number?

While most cell-phone providers do not allow customers to choose from a long list of numbers, a customer service representative will typically offer a small selection of number options. … The number can then be forwarded to your cell phone.

Can I get my old number back?

It possible to get back your number if it is still disconnected and someone does not own this number. Just you have to fill up an application against it. Visit your nearest mobile SIM operator centre and tell them. They will help you to get back your mobile number.

How can I check if a phone number is available?

Visit or download the TextMagic mobile app on google play store. Enter your phone number and country and click on Validate Number. This app will show you the status of the number if it is active or not. Another app you can use is Phone Number Monitoring.