How much do Hamilton tickets usually cost?

Hamilton ticket prices on the secondary market can vary widely depending on the location, day of the week, season, and other factors. Hamilton tickets can be found for as low as $115, however the national average is $304.

How much do Hamilton Tickets cost 2020?

The average paid admission to “Hamilton” has run from about $270 to $310 during non-holiday weeks, according to the Broadway League, an industry trade group. That figure includes premium seats that indeed cost as much as $849. (During some holiday periods, they have come close to $1,000.)

Why is Hamilton so expensive?

Based on this, Hamilton tickets are expensive because there are a lot of people who want to see it. As a result, the demand curve for Hamilton tickets is further to the right than the demand curve for something less in-demand, thus making for higher prices.

Is Lin Manuel Miranda rich?

Lin-Manuel Miranda Net Worth

Miranda’s net worth is estimated at $80 million.

Is Hamilton worth seeing?

Is the phenomenon worth watching? In short: yes. As bizarre as a sung and rapped-through play about the founding fathers’ sounds, Hamilton is truly a work that blew us all away (pun intended). Hamilton was written, composed, and produced by Lin Manuel-Miranda.

Is Hamilton the most expensive?

Hamilton has topped the latest global cost of living index. The city is number one on a list compiled by, which compared the cost of living of 600 cities around the world against the cost of living in New York City.

Does Lin-Manuel Miranda tour with Hamilton?

A second U.S. tour opened in February 2018. Hamilton’s third U.S. tour began January 11, 2019, with a three-week engagement in Puerto Rico in which Miranda returned to the role of Hamilton.

Hamilton (musical)
Music Lin-Manuel Miranda
Lyrics Lin-Manuel Miranda
Book Lin-Manuel Miranda
Basis Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

How long does it take to get Hamilton tickets?

WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY TICKETS? If you selected mobile ticket delivery, tickets will be delivered via My Account on the Ticketmaster website and available to you from 72 hours prior to the performance. If you selected venue collection for your tickets, they will be available on the day of the performance only.

Is Hamilton cheaper than Toronto?

Generally speaking, home prices are more affordable in Hamilton than they are in Toronto.

Is Hamilton more expensive than Toronto?

This calculation uses our Cost of Living Plus Rent Index to compare cost of living.

Cost of Living Comparison Between Hamilton and Toronto.
City Cost of Living Index
Toronto 71.23
Hamilton 64.15
New York, NY 100
Prague 49.07

Is it expensive to live in Hamilton?

Summary about cost of living in Hamilton, Canada: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 3,078$ (3,938C$) without rent. … Hamilton is 34.39% less expensive than New York (without rent). Rent in Hamilton is, on average, 64.50% lower than in New York.

Is Hamilton cheap to live?

First of all, it is cheaper than Toronto. The overall cost of living in Hamilton is about 25% lower than the cost of living in Toronto. This is mainly because rents and house prices are lower, and there is more available property.

Is Hamilton on safe?

Hamilton has an average crime rate and is considered quite safe. The main crimes here are related to medicine trafficking, vandalism, and petty theft. Use common sense and avoid walking around alone at night. During the day, the city is quite safe, and you can even safely walk alone.

Is Hamilton affordable?

Hamilton is the fifth-least affordable city in North America, according to new research from Oxford Economics. Vancouver was ranked as the least affordable city overall, while Toronto landed in third — making all three cities less affordable than Las Vegas, San Jose and Los Angeles.

What is the most expensive city in North America 2021?

Characteristic Average daily rate in U.S. dollars
New York 137
Toronto 128
Chicago 121
Las Vegas 93
Nov 18, 2021

What is the living wage in Hamilton Ontario?

$17.20 per hour
The living wage rate in Hamilton has been updated for the first time since 2019 to reflect how the cost of living has continued to climb. According to the Ontario Living Wage Network, Hamilton’s living wage is now sitting at $17.20 per hour, up from an hourly rate of $16.45 two years ago.

What city in Canada has the most millionaires?

What City in Canada Has the Most Millionaires? It might come as a surprise, but Calgary has the most millionaires per capita – 225 per 100,000 residents.

Who is the wealthiest family in Canada?

Dabid Thomson
Dabid Thomson and family had a total net worth of 39.5 billion U.S. dollars, representing the richest in Canada in 2020.

Is Canada richer than America?

While both countries are in the list of top ten economies in the world in 2018, the US is the largest economy in the world, with US$20.4 trillion, with Canada ranking tenth at US$1.8 trillion.