What does X mean in a text?

Kiss. The letter X is widely used at the end of text messages and emails to signify a “Kiss.” It can be typed in either uppercase (X) or lowercase (x) without significantly altering its meaning. … It is often included just to add a warm tone to a message, or simply out of habit.

What does || X || mean in math?

Norm of a Vector

The norm of a vector x, denoted as ||x|| is a measure of a vector’s magnitude.

What does the name X mean?

X as signifying the end of something—an entity whose existence is over, past, deceased, and gone. … X as a sign of the cross where Christ was crucified, or for Christ himself. But this symbol, or marker, can also be understood as a “crossing over” to another dimension: a transcendence, transformation, or transmigration.

What does X mean in numbers?

The letters used in Roman numerals are: I = 1. V = 5. X = 10.

What does X X means in set?

147. Glossary of mathematical notation and terminology. Set membership x ∈ X means x is an element of the set X. (Non-membership is written x ∈ X.) Set inclusion X ⊆ Y means every element of X is an element of Y ; X is a subset of Y .