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Where Vision Meets Guidance

We’re Not Just Advisors, We’re Your Co-Pilot, Guiding You Through the Growth Landscape



A Strategic Growth Framework for Ambitious Company Builders


The Village

We’ve Got the Rolodex and We’re Willing to Share It


The Campfire

Powerful Connections and Experiences Crafted to Level Up Leaders and Their Teams


The Crown Room

A Hub for Ambitious Company Builders in Arizona


A Strategic Growth Framework for Ambitious Company Builders

More Than Coaches or Implementors

Our Guides Stand at Your Side and Help You Cover Your Blindspots

Data Shows: 65% of those who get good at strategic planning + execution report above average financial performance, compared to only 18% in companies that don’t. Current strategic planning tools were built for old, stodgy companies - not nimble, ambitious, growth companies. We fixed that.

We believe that by having clear strategy, growth, operating, and people plans teams create more growth with less resources and headaches.


Growth as a Culture:

Strategic Growth Plan
Tools and Playbooks
Executive Coaching
Company Wide Growth Alignment

Revenue Optimization:

Team Structure and Incentives
Advisory Board Buildout
Market Expansion Playbook
AI + Rev Ops Strategy

Critical Event Support:

Executive Hiring
Raising Capital

The Village

We’ve Got the Rolodex and We’re Willing to Share It

Could the Right Conversation with the Right Person Change the Game for You? We Can Help Make That Happen.

Our network’s been built over decades at the highest level. We spend our network capital on helping you. Whether you need one-off questions answered or desire a long term relationship, we're here to help.

Join Our Village

Growth: It Takes a {Capable + Aligned} Village

Building out and leveraging a network of support is hard. Regardless if you’re sending cold emails or leveraging introductions, time spent recruiting advisors is time you aren’t spending growing your business. To make things more challenging, experienced operators often have busy schedules and plenty of competing opportunities. How do you keep them engaged and adding value?

As a member of our village, we’ll do the heavy lifting to recruit and incentive your network of support so you can stay focused on running your business.


Entrepreneurs often over-index on advice from experienced leaders without realizing their guidance would have been very different had they provided the right context.

At The How Company

We Pair the Context of Your Business with Our Network to Reveal Your Most Efficient Path to Success.

When running a company, you get a lot of advice... The hard part is knowing when to use it. At The How Company, our guides pair you with the right person, at the right time, and give them the context they need to help you grow.

The Roles Our Seasoned Operators May Take

role table

InvestorAdvisorExpertFractional RolesBiz Dev
Beyond Credibility and Access: Informed Advice.
Conversations That Move the Needle.
When Advice Just Won’t Cut It.
Drumming Up Business on Your Behalf.

The Best Part? The How Company Will Take Care of Compensating The Village.

Be Our Village

For Seasoned Operators

Interested in Helping the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs While Participating in the Value You Help Create?

Let us curate opportunities that fit your experience and appetite for involvement.

Earning Asymmetric Returns

Earn bonuses for moving the needle. The How Company frequently leverages special-purpose-vehicles to align entrepreneurs with advisors. This allows us to avoid placing an undue administrative burden on companies while allowing for creative deal structures.

Curated Opportunities

Access deal flow that fits your experience and interest. Every new member of The Village starts their journey with an interview, allowing us to match opportunities that fit your schedule and deal criteria. We’ll always get your permission before making a connection.

Vetted Companies

Selling vision is an important part of being an entrepreneur. Sometimes Founders tell such a compelling story Investors and Advisors are disappointed after they’ve signed on. All companies in The Village are customers of Atlas; so when we share a potential opportunity we can speak specifically to where you can help and where they are at.

Giving Back

Entrepreneurship is what drives America forward. Join us in helping guide entrepreneurs of all walks of life and upbringing.

Build Your Village

Not Quite Ready to Join? Let Us Help You Get There.

For Early Stage Founders or Business Owners Who Want Occasional Support.


Receive a $5,000 Investment for Warrants:

Quarterly Meetings With Your Growth Advisor
Meetings with 1 - 2 Experts per Year
Growth Planning Tools Built For Your Company Stage
Playbook on How to Build Out Your Village
5% Off Atlas

By Application Only:

The Campfire

Powerful Connections and Experiences Crafted to Level Up Ambitious Leaders and Their Teams

It's lonely at the top. There are plenty of organizations that bring leaders together for experience sharing and relationship building built on the common experience of entrepreneurship. These organizations fill an important role but are missing a key element: How Do I Actually Grow My Business?

At The How Company, we go beyond high level experience sharing and make it concrete. We talk tactics, tools, and frameworks that work. We have dedicated circles for CEOs as well as those key leaders in growth, operations, finance, technology, and people.

The Crown Room

A Hub for Ambitious Company Builders in Arizona

Just like you, we’ve created something from nothing before and we know that the journey is full of exciting highs, intense lows, and everything in between. We love helping a wide variety of founders in AZ find their way, so at The Crown Room we spend our days doing just that.


If you are an experienced team that is fueling tech-enabled innovation, you’ll fit right in. But, we are also here to support the broader spectrum of ambitious company builders who are committed to creating impact in unique and interesting ways. We look beyond the unicorns.

Get In Touch


How do I get involved?

Founders + Teams:

  • Join our shared office space in Tempe: The Crown Room
  • Apply for a micro investment to help you Build Your Village
  • Apply to join a Campfire, circles available for every functional leader
  • Begin using our free growth strategy tools, or hire a Guide to help you next-level more quickly

Seasoned Operators:

  • Apply to become a How Company expert. Roles include: Expert (spot mentoring for Village companies), Advisor (ongoing guidance for Village companies), Guide (licensed Atlas + Campfire facilitators), Investor, and Fractional Executive.
What is The How Company?

Our mission at The How Company is to democratize entrepreneurship. We work tirelessly to level the playing field so every founder has access to the knowledge, network, and resources that give their innovation a chance to come to life.

The How Company was founded by Jake Crown in order to replicate and share the network of support he received as an entrepreneur growing up in AZ Crown.

How are you different than other startup accelerators or venture capital programs?

The Venture Capital business model is built on the power-law where one win pays for many losses. Because VCs require huge payoffs to pay for all their losses, they constantly encourage founders to take more risk and go after bigger business models.

This often leads to material misalignment with founders where they are steered by capital structure, board pressure, or conflicted advice, in order to pursue low probability of success business strategies in exchange for a larger payoff, if successful.

In a 5 year timeframe, VCs get to place many bets and to win they only need to be directionally correct. As a Founder, you typically only get to place one bet and you need to be exactly correct. VC has its place, but we believe Founders shouldn’t optimize their businesses for investors… They’re not the ones building something.

Startup accelerators rely on the same power-law in order to generate returns. This means their advice is conflicted. The How Company aligns with Founders and doesn’t use 1-size fits all financial models. We work with you uncover what support you need and how we can align our incentives.


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