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About How.co

We are always googling about “how to” topics. Whether you are looking for a procedure to undertake a technical task or searching for basics “how to” guides should be easy to follow. We use easy-to-to follow steps and simple grammar to give you an easy time. Apart from that, we test all our processes to ensure they do make sense. Some topics require constant update to keep up with the trends. Therefore, you need the latest version of the guide.

Simple “How to” Guides

We don’t assume that everyone knows how to do the basics. That is why we have a list of articles to help you do basic tasks. Whether you want to know how to button your shirt, tie a tie, or polish your shoes, you can count on us for simple guides with tips in between.

If you are first timer in doing something, you don’t have to worry. We make your interaction with processes easy.

“How to” on Technology

Not everyone is a techie. Because we understand this, we create basic “how to” guides on technology topics.

Technology topics are also dynamic in that there are different ways to do one task. Therefore, we make sure our guides cover many alternatives. For example, if you want to login on your Facebook account, you can use Google, Opera, Firefox or the app.

Regular update of the content in this niche is essential. The process you used to fix a problem in your laptop a decade ago is not the same. Technology keeps changing each day and there is a need to keep up with it.

“How to” Topics on Relationships

We are social beings. However, it is not easy to develop meaningful relationship with other people. Whether you are looking for some tips to approach that girl or bring your ex back, we’ve got you covered.

Our advice is not based on utopic ideas but on verifiable tips which we borrow from experts in different areas. We also take you through a detailed guide to avoid embarrassments which can result from backfired processes.

“How to" Fix Things

Almost every day you have something to fix. Whether it is a broken hinge or a laptop that is not connecting to the internet, we are the experts in fixing everything. If you are a DIY enthusiast, this is a must-follow niche because of the wealth of ideas you can get. We bring together everything that could be broken in your world.